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5 Best Hot Glue Guns for Fabric

Glue Guns for Fabric
TopElek Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Gun TOPELEK
Pre-heating 1,5-3 min
30pcs Glue Sticks
20 W
Blusmart Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Gun, Blusmart
Pre-heating 2-5 min
30pcs Melt Glue Sticks
20 W
Impact Tools Glue Gun
Hot Glue Gun Full Size Impact Tools
Pre-heating 3-5 min
20 Premium Hot Glue Sticks
60/100 W
TopElek 15W/25W
TopElek Hot Glue Gun
Pre-heating 1-2 min
30pcs Glue Sticks
Upgraded trigger propulsion
TopElek 15W
TOPELEK Cordless Hot Glue Gun Kit
Pre-heating 5-7 min
10Pcs Glue Sticks
Eco Friendly

When it comes to activities that involve sewing, you will need a hot glue gun. Good hot glue guns for fabric will make your life so much easier and help you create professional-looking results in no time. Glue guns can be used for different things, but they’re most commonly used by crafters when making clothes, jewelry, home decor items and more! This article gives information about the five top hot glue guns for fabric and we will also give you instructions how to use them properly so that you can get professional results every time!

AdTech 0453 2-Temp Dual Temperature Hot Glue Gun Full Size, White

Looking for a reliable dual-temperature hot glue gun? Look no further, buy AdTech 0453 2-Temp Dual Temperature Hot Glue Gun! This glue gun is full-sized and good for soft materials – just use the low-temp option to preserve fabrics, papers, and Styrofoam.

When you need a stronger bond, just switch to the high-temp option! And don’t worry about your bond lasting – any of our Adtech glue sticks will give you clear lines and a long-lasting bond.

  • Dual temperature
  • Comes with a stand
  • Works with a variety of Adtech glue sticks
  • Bonds quickly and securely

  • Requires a long to warm up and cool down

Hot Glue Gun High Temp-Cobiz Full Size (Not Mini) 60/100W

This hot glue gun offers excellent design and build quality. It melts the glue sticks completely and is capable of reaching high temperatures, preventing stringy glue from forming.
  • Melts glue sticks completely
  • Reaches high temperatures
  • Long cord

  • For some users the bulky and heavy design

Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit with 30 Hot Glue Sticks, (Pack of 1)

This Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit is perfect for every crafter or do-it-yourselfer. The dual temperature feature ensures that the glue gun is ready to work with different materials.

The trigger is easy to squeeze, that makes it easy to use, even for those with small hands, and the built-in stand ensures that your project stays put while you’re working. Plus, the wide base prevents tipping and makes it easier to hold onto. And if you need to take a break, the safety features ensure your hot glue gun remains safe and cool until you’re ready to use it again. This kit also includes 30 4″ mini hot glue sticks.

  • Dual temperature
  • Precise nozzle
  • A simple trigger
  • A built-in stand

  • Only comes with 30 mini hot glue sticks
  • The gun is a bit bulky

Surebonder DT-270FKIT Full Size Dual Temperature Glue Gun

DIYers and Crafters rejoice – Surebonder’s DT-270FKIT Full Size Dual Temperature Glue Gun will make your projects easier than ever. With dual-temperature settings, this gun can be used on such materials as lace and ribbon as well as harder surfaces like metals and plastics.

12 standard glue sticks let you get started on projects right away, and this gun itself is easy to use with just a flip of the switch.

  • Dual temperature settings
  • Easy to use
  • Works on delicate and hard surfaces

  • Some users report that this gun can jam

Hot Glue Gun Full Size (Not Mini) Dual Power High Temp Heavy Duty 60 & 100 Watt

With a full-size (not mini) design, dual power capabilities, and high-temperature output, the glue gun is perfect for your project. Whether you’re repairing electronics, upholstery, or crafting something new, the Impact Tools Hot Glue Gun has you covered.

Plus, our attention to detail and quality construction makes this gun a great value.

  • Dual power
  • High-temperature output
  • Perfect for any project

  • A bit heavy

Buyer’s Guide

What type of glue can you can use on fabric?

The first common question is what type of glue you can use on fabric? In general, you should always use a hot glue gun while working on fabrics. This goes for any project, whether you’re attaching a new hem to a skirt or securing decorative trim. Hot glue is considered to be the best adhesive for fabrics because it dries quickly, sets firmly, and can be repositioned until it’s in the right place.

All-purpose adhesives like craft glue or rubber cement may work in some cases, but they are not as strong as hot glue and they can take much longer to dry. If you’re using one of these adhesives, test it out on a small piece of fabric before applying it to your project.

It is definitely the time to invest in one! There are many different models available, so choosing the best one for your needs can be a bit daunting. We’ve put together this guide to help you make the best choice, no matter what your budget is!

Features To Look For

Glue Guns for Fabric are meant to be used with fabrics. Most of them are not too expensive, and they usually come in packs, together with all the necessary accessories for sewing or creating your own projects. While some people would consider buying only a glue gun without any additional features, it is better to look at options that can do more than just stick some fabric pieces together. So now I want to tell you how to find the best hot glue gun for fabric.

Temperature Range

The first important factor to consider when choosing the best hot glue gun for working on fabric is the temperature range. A low-temperature model is a good variant if you work with soft fabrics like silk or lace because high temperatures can damage them. A mid-range option works well with most materials and provides enough heat without damaging any of them. If you work with felt, however, choose an adhesive that has a high melting point since this material tends to melt easily.

Moreover, the lowest temperature hot glue guns are perfect for kids. They can work on a variety of crafts and you will not have to worry about them burning themselves while they use it.

There is one simple rule when it comes to temperature: the hotter the glue gun, the better and faster results you get. For this reason, most professional crafters use high-temperature models that reach up to 450 degrees F (232 C).

The same principle applies if you want to use your tool as an embossing pen – make sure it doesn’t get too hot! Some models advertise themselves as dual-purpose tools suitable for both gluing and embossing; check their specifications closely before making a purchase decision though, to make sure the heat levels are right for your needs.

Power Source

The next thing to consider when purchasing a hot glue gun is the power source. There are three types of power sources: electric, battery-powered, and manual.

Electric glue guns plug into an outlet and typically heat up faster than the other two types. They also tend to have more power, making them better for larger projects. However, they can be a little bit heavier than the other two options.

Battery-powered glue guns use batteries to generate heat. This makes them portable and easy to use, but they may not have as much power as electric guns. Additionally, they can take longer to heat up than electric or gas-powered guns.

Manual glue guns are typically cheaper than electric, but they require you to be more hands-on. You have to manually crank the glue stick up through a heating element so it can melt before using it. Because of this extra step, manual guns are not ideal for big projects or large groups of people working together on something at once.

Your budget is another factor that should play into your decision about what type of power source would work best for you and your project. Electric gun prices range from less than $20 all the way up past $300 depending on features like how many watts it uses, whether or not there’s an LCD display screen showing temperature settings, etc.

Battery-powered options vary widely in price as well because different types of batteries will last longer and charge more efficiently. Rubber bands are a common power source in manual guns, but it’s important to ensure that they’re durable enough for your project before committing!

Cord Length

The next thing you should consider is cord length. Some glue guns have cords that stretch several feet while others can only function when plugged into an outlet on the wall directly behind them. It’s important to know how much space you’ll need between your work surface and power source before purchasing a gun with a short cord because longer ones will be harder to manage without added length options somewhere along the line.

Usually cord length varies between 20 and 25 feet. But there are also glue guns that have a cord length of 30 feet.

You should also consider the thickness of your hot glue gun’s cord. Thicker cords will be more durable than thinner ones, but they can sometimes get in the way when you’re working on smaller projects that require close attention to detail. It is important for this reason that you use a heavy-duty fabric like denim with your hot glue gun.

Since the cord is one of the most important parts of your new fabric-crafting tool, look for a glue gun with an insulated cord to protect it from heat damage and short-circuiting in case you accidentally drop or bump into it while using the device.

In addition, some hot glue guns include clips on their cords so users don’t have to hold onto them the entire time they’re working. This can be helpful if your hands get tired easily or you have a lot of glue to apply at once.

Heating Time

Another thing to consider is how long it takes for the gun to heat up. Some guns take only a few minutes while others can take up to half an hour. If you plan on using your hot glue gun frequently, it’s important to find one that heats up quickly so you don’t lose valuable crafting time. However, if you only use it occasionally, a gun that takes longer to heat up may not be as much of a nuisance.

The optimal heating time is usually between 30-60 seconds, but this will vary depending on the size of your glue sticks.

Heating time is also important to consider if you’re using your hot glue gun for a project that requires a lot of gluing. If the gun takes too long to heat up, you may not be able to complete the project in the timeframe you need. On the other hand, if you only have a small project, a gun that takes a while to heat up may not be as much of an issue.

The best hot glue guns for fabric will work like magic and make your projects come together quickly, easily, and beautifully!


Size is one more important factor that you have to consider when looking for the best hot glue gun for fabric. Glue guns come in a range of sizes, from mini ones that are about four inches long to large ones that are almost a foot long.

The size of the gun will affect how easy it is to use, so choose one that is comfortable for you to hold. If you plan on using your glue gun frequently, or if you have large projects, then opt for a larger model.

Size depends on your project. If you have a small project go with a mini glue gun, if you have a large project go with a full-size glue gun.

If you’re just starting out or have smaller projects, then a mini glue gun is perfect. Mini-guns are about four inches long and are good for smaller projects for beginners. They usually come with interchangeable tips so that you can use them for different applications.

Standard-sized guns are about eight inches long and are the most popular type of glue gun. They’re perfect for medium-sized projects and work well with most types of fabric.

Large guns are almost a foot long and are great for larger projects or people who have more experience using hot glue guns. They provide more power and stability than other models, making them ideal for heavy-duty use.

No matter what size glue gun you choose, make sure that it is rated for use with fabric. Glue guns that are specifically designed for fabric have a higher heat rating and will provide better results.


The next concern you’re going to have is about the wattage of your hot glue gun. You want higher watts for better heat and more powerful adhesion, but it’s not necessary if you get one that’s 20W or above (which most are). The ones in this list range from 15-40 watts with the average being around 25 watts.

  • High Wattage – This will provide strong adhesion, even when using thicker fabrics like leather, suede, upholstery fabric, etc.
  • Low Wattage – suitable for lighter weight materials such as silk or thin cotton fabrics where high temperatures can damage delicate fibers. While this is ideal for lighter fabrics, you should still get a high wattage glue gun or it may take too long to complete your project.

Wattage is important because it affects the time it takes to heat up and how hot the glue gun gets. The higher power guns tend to be faster while lower wattage ones take longer, but they aren’t as powerful so you need more of them which causes excess bulkiness.

Glue Sticks

Another aspect you need to take into account is the glue sticks. Most fabric hot glue guns come with a few sticks, but you might want to have more on hand just in case. The quality of the stick will affect how your fabric looks when it’s glued down.

There are two types of glue sticks: high-temp and low-temp. High-temp sticks work best with tougher materials like leather or metal, while low-temp glue is better for fabrics and paper.

Some good brands of low-temp glue sticks are Surebonder and UHU. They both make sticks that are specifically designed for use with fabric, and they come in a variety of colors so you can match the thread on your project.

Be careful not to buy high-temp glue sticks by mistake! While they might work in a fabric gun, they could damage the gun’s heating element over time. Stick with the-temp variety and you’ll be safe.

The size of glue sticks should match the size of your gun. Most guns use standard-size sticks, but you can also buy mini and maxi sizes depending on the project.

As a general rule: The larger the fabric piece, the bigger the glue stick to use; and vice versa for small pieces. You don’t want just half an inch left exposed around your edges!

All in all: Always check which type of stick works best with your fabric hot glue gun first before purchasing any quantity – big or small!


There are a lot of different brands of hot glue guns on the market. Some work better than others, and some are more reliable. The three most popular brands are Surebonder, Stanley, and Ad Tech.

Surebonder is one of the most popular brands on the market because their products tend to be very reliable. They have a wide range of products that cater to both hobbyists and professionals alike. Their guns come in both high-temp and low-temp models, so you can find the perfect gun for your needs.

Stanley is another well-known brand that makes quality products. They offer a variety of guns with different features so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Additionally, they have a wide range of glue sticks so you can always find the right type of adhesive for your project.

Ad Tech is a lesser-known brand, but their guns are still very reliable. They offer both high-temp and low-temp guns, as well as a variety of different tips to help with precision crafting.

No matter what brand of gun you choose, make sure to read the reviews before purchasing. You want to make sure that the gun you buy is going to work well for your specific needs.

Safety Features

Last but not the least, you have to ensure the hot glue gun comes with safety features. If not, it would literally burn your fingers off!

The most common safety features are:

  • An insulated nozzle – Would prevent the hot glue from dripping on your fingers.
  • A stand – The tip of the nozzle gets extremely hot when in use, so you need to have a stand for it.
  • A button lock – You can set the amount of glue you want by pressing this button, so when not in use, always keep it locked!
  • An automatic shut-off timer – After a certain time, the glue gun will automatically shut off. This is usually after around 30 minutes.
  • A thermal fuse – This prevents the glue gun from overheating.
  • A heat sensor – The internal temperature of the hot glue gun will increase if it’s not in use, so this alarm system has been built to prevent injury!

These safety features are there for your own benefit and should be carefully checked out before buying a hot glue gun.


Does hot glue ruin fabric?

There are two issues that can arise when using hot glue with fabric. The first is the migration of the molten adhesive to other areas in addition to where it should be applied, which will leave a residue on your clothes or in your carpeting. Another issue would be if you saturate the garment with too much glue because this could lead to warping, shrinking, or distortion of the fabric.

What will hot glue not stick to?

Hot glue will not stick to silicone, glass, or high-temperature surfaces. If you are using a hot glue gun on a project that involves one of these materials, you’ll need to use an alternate adhesive.

Can fabric glue be used instead of sewing?

While fabric glue can be used in place of sewing in some cases, it is not a perfect substitute. Fabric glue is less durable and will not hold up as well over time or through multiple washes. Additionally, if you’re using fabric glue to attach two pieces of fabric together, the seam may be more visible than if it were sewn.

Video Tutorial: Hot Glue Gun To Create A Seam

Final Thoughts

The best hot glue gun for fabric is one that will help you to go through your project quickly and effectively. The final product should look like it was made by a professional, not an amateur who does this in their free time. However, finding the right tool can be difficult because there are so many options on the market today.

This guide has been designed to make choosing easier and more effective! If you follow these instructions when shopping around for a hot glue gun for fabric, then we have no doubts about what your perfect choice would be.

We hope you enjoyed this guide and that you found it helpful! If so, be sure to share with your friends on social media.