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10 Best Hot Glue Sticks

Best Hot Glue Sticks
Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks
Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks, Full Size
45 sticks
0.43” in diameter
All temperature
Ad-tech Glue Sticks
Adtech Glue Sticks
10 sticks
0.44” in diameter
Surebonder DT-50
Surebonder DT-50 All Temperature 50 Glue Sticks
50 sticks
7/16-Inch diameter
All temperature
Ad-Tech 14ZIP50
Ad-Tech 14ZIP50
50 sticks
Size: 4 x 0.44 -Inch
Tavda Tech Glue Sticks
Mini Hot Glue Gun Sticks Tavda Tech
200 sticks
0.27” in diameter
All temperature
Artellius Glue Sticks
Artellius Glue Gun Sticks
200 sticks
0.27” in diameter
All temperature
Larvin Torria
Larvin Torria Mini Size Hot Glue Sticks
200 sticks
0.27” in diameter
All temperature
Seven Style
SEVEN STYLE Mini Hot Glue Gun Sticks
80 sticks
0.27” in diameter
Speed 15-20g/min.
Syntrific Glue Sticks
Syntrific 65 Count Hot Glue Sticks Clear Mini Size
65 sticks
0.28” in diameter
For Industrial Glue Guns
Artellius Glue Sticks
Full Size Hot Glue Gun Sticks Artellius
150 sticks
0.43” in diameter
All temperature

If you have a crafty hobby, then hot glue sticks are one of the most essential tools in your arsenal. But there are so many different types and brands available that it can be hard to know which ones will work best for you. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll review some of the top hot glue sticks on the market today and give you some tips for choosing the best hot glue sticks to meet your needs.

Gorilla 3034518 Hot Glue Sticks, 4 in. Full Size, 45 Count, 1-Pack

Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks are perfect for projects that last. They have a high temperature for strong bonding, and a low temperature for delicate materials like fabric, foam, and jewelry.

You can use them at all temperatures — safe for both high- and low-temperature glue guns. Plus, they’re versatile: they work on hard-to-bond surfaces like metal and glass, and they’re sandable and paintable!

  • 45 sticks per pack
  • Low and high-temperature use
  • Works on a variety of surfaces
  • Sandable and paintable

  • Can be a bit pricey

AdTech 10 inch Hot Sticks Full-Size Multi-Temp 5-lb Box All-Purpose Glue Sticks-7/16 X10 5lb, 5 POUND, Clear

Looking for a dependable hot glue stick that will work with both high and low-temperature glue guns? Look no further than AdTech’s 10 inch Hot Sticks Full-Size Multi-Temp 5-lb Box.

These glue sticks are great for bonding all sorts of materials, including wood, metal, glass, cardboard, paper, and card stock. Plus, they never dry out so you can use them again and again.

  • Never dries out
  • Great for bonding a variety of materials
  • Available in clear or black

  • None reported

Surebonder DT-50 All Temperature 50 Glue Sticks, 4-Inch

Looking for a glue stick that can handle any project, regardless of temperature? With Surebonder’s DT-50 All Temperature Glue Sticks, you’ll have just what you need! Made for high, dual and low-temperature glue guns, these sticks can handle any job.

Plus, their clear color makes them perfect for all kinds of applications. So next time you’re looking to do some gluing, be sure to reach for Surebonder’s DT-50 All Temperature Glue Sticks!

  • All temperature compatibility
  • Clear color
  • 50 glue sticks per pack
  • Great value

  • May have a strong smell
  • Can leave an uneven application when used in low-temperature glue guns

Adtech W220-14ZIP50 Crystal Clear Glue Sticks, 50 Pieces

Looking for a strong, fast bond that will work with virtually all materials? Look no further than the Adtech W220-14ZIP50 Crystal Clear Glue Sticks! These premium glue sticks work in high, low dual, and multi-temperature hot glue guns, making them perfect for crafting on just about any surface.

Plus, the crystal clear adhesive lets you see where you’re applying the glue for precise placement every time. So don’t go on another project without these essential glue sticks – grab a pack today!

  • Bonds with virtually all materials
  • Works in high, low dual, and multi-temperature hot glue guns
  • Crystal clear adhesive

  • A bit pricier than most other options
  • Not the best option for wood or fabric projects.

Mini Hot Glue Gun Sticks 4 In. 0.27 In. Dia 200 PACK All Purpose Hot Melt Glue Sticks

Looking for a quick and easy way to repair furniture, toys, shoes, clothes and more? These mini hot glue sticks are the perfect solution! These all-purpose hot melt glue sticks are incredibly tough and versatile, making them ideal for crafting, DIY projects and more.

Plus, they’re environmentally-friendly and easy to use – simply plug in your mini hot glue gun and start gluing!

  • 200 mini hot glue sticks
  • All-purpose, tough and versatile
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Easy to us

  • Smaller than standard hot glue sticks.

Buyer’s Guide

Benefits of the Hot Glue Sticks

There are a lot of advantages to using hot glue sticks.

  • Ease of Use: Hot glue sticks are easy to use. You only need a gun, trigger, and the stick itself. It is also very safe for you as it does not require constant supervision as most adhesives do.
  • Affordable: Hot glue sticks are very affordable. They require no pressure and the gun only needs to be preheated for a few minutes before it can start working.
  • Size Options: There are small sizes that can be carried around in your pocket or toolkit making them great for on-the-spot repairs or quick fixes. These tiny ones also come with an adhesive backing which makes them perfect to use when gluing fabrics together whether plain clothes or those with patterns on them because they won’t leave any residues behind after peeling off from the fabric unlike other types of hot melt adhesive.
  • Multipurpose: Hot glue sticks can be used for a variety of tasks around your home or workplace including crafts, building decorations out of paper and plastic materials as well as repairing broken items such as those made from glass or ceramics. They also come in handy when you want to attach leather pieces together especially if they’re small. It’s easy to control where this adhesive goes unlike using other types which may require you to use some tools just so that these will be set properly into place thus making hot melt adhesives one of the best options for doing things by hand instead of with machines. They’re also good options if you have broken buttons especially those made from metal as this adhesive is able to dry even on metal and will keep the buttons intact.
  • Low Viscosity: Most hot melts have low viscosity which makes them easy to control and use. They also dry quickly, especially when exposed to low temperatures thus giving you more time to work with your project before it sets into place. The quick-drying time also means that they can be used for a number of crafts or projects without having the need for multiples because one stick will do regardless of how long you’re planning on working with it.
  • Reliable: Unlike other adhesives, hot melts are unlikely to spoil over time even after being kept in storage making these perfect not just for personal usage but also if you want to store some supplies away until needed by someone else such as friends who may have asked you out of the blue whether he/she could borrow something from your toolkit.
  • Temperature Resistance: Another benefit of using hot melt adhesive over other types is that it can withstand high temperatures without dissolving or becoming brittle. This makes them perfect for projects that will be placed near heat sources such as ovens, stoves, or even fireplaces as long as the temperature does not exceed the maximum limit set by the adhesive’s manufacturer.

Features to Consider

Hot glue sticks are available in large boxes, usually holding ten sticks. The length of the stick determines how long it will take to use them up. When buying for home or office purposes, you can select a smaller box that is easy to carry around and store.

Let’s take a look at some important features to consider when buying glue sticks.

Choosing The Right Stick by Size

The first thing you need to consider when looking for a hot glue stick is the size that will fit your gun. The most common sizes are:

  • 0.25 inches wide, suitable for mini glue guns and those with a power output of 15 watts or less.
  • 0.35 inches wide, perfect for regular-sized glue guns that have an output of 20 watts to 30 watts.
  • 0.50 inches is ideal if you want to be able to use a high-temp glue gun to fill gaps.
  • 0.60 inches wide is the most popular size and can be used in both mini and regular-sized guns with an output of 35 watts or more.
  • 0.80 inches is the widest available and works with high-temp glue guns that have an output of more than 50 watts, which is most likely beyond what you’ll need for crafting purposes.

The size of the hot glue sticks depends on several factors, including the wattage of your glue gun and its size. Most guns will take any width stick between 0.25 inches and 0.80 inches, but check to make sure before you buy.

Size is important because if the glue stick is too wide for your gun, it might not fit all the way in or it could jam. If the stick is too thin, it might not create enough heat to melt the adhesive and you’ll end up with a mess. Moreover, the wider sticks will last longer than the thin ones, so if you’re doing a lot of gluing, it’s worth investing in the bigger size.


The next thing you need to consider when buying hot glue sticks is the color of your choice. This may seem like an unimportant consideration but it really isn’t, because different colors can make a big difference in how well your glued projects turn out and look overall.

Red: Most people prefer red-colored hot glue sticks for arts and crafts projects because they provide a stronghold and heat resistance while still giving off a very subtle sheen that makes them more pleasing on the eyes than other colors such as black or brown which are usually used by professionals for industrial applications.

Blue: If you intend to use glittery objects with your craft project then choose blue over any other color especially if what you’re gluing down will later be placed under direct sunlight since blue-colored hot glue sticks are less visible under bright light.

Green: Many people choose green-colored hot glue sticks because they’re very easy to see even when applied underneath dark objects or surfaces. Green also dries clear which makes it good for using on top of white surfaces where other colors might not be clearly visible after drying.

Black: If you’re looking for a hot glue stick color that dries quickly and invisibly then black is the best option as it will disappear into most surfaces without leaving any noticeable marks. This can be useful if you need to glue something in a hurry, but it’s not recommended for beginners since black hot glue sticks are usually the most difficult to work with.

White: White-colored hot glue sticks are great for making any colored object look clean and new again because they provide a strong color contrast against other colors without standing out too much. For example, if you have a white table cloth and want to glue down an object on top of it then choosing a white-hot glue stick will make the item really stand out while still blending in with your tablecloth’s original color scheme.

With glitter: If you’re using glitter with your project then it’s best to use a colored hot glue stick that will match the color of most of the glitter. This way, when the glue dries there won’t be any stark differences in color, and your craft project will look more polished overall.

Yellow: Yellow is one of the most popularly chosen colors especially among beginners in crafts and art projects but there’s a downside too, yellow can sometimes dry to an undesirable shade that doesn’t quite match your original object so you have to make sure whatever you plan on gluing down matches well with both its color as well as texture before choosing yellow over any other color.

Transparent: Transparent hot glue sticks may not be as popular as the already-mentioned colors but they’re still very useful for those who want to use their own creative color schemes such as using colored paper with a few strips of transparent white on top. They are also perfect for gluing down small and light objects without making them too visible.

So those are the most popular colors of hot glue sticks that you can buy in stores, but there are also other special types that you might want to consider if the ones mentioned earlier don’t quite fit your needs or preferences.

Glue sticks for specific materials

Another factor to consider when choosing a glue stick is the material you will be using it on. Different materials require different types of adhesive.

For example, if you need to adhere metal to wood, you will need a hot melt adhesive with a high melting point, like an epoxy resin glue stick. If you are gluing paper together, however, an adhesive with low viscosity, like a hot glue stick or water-based white glue is ideal.

If you are working with a material that will melt or burn at high temperatures, you should choose an adhesive that holds its shape when melted.

On the other hand, if you are using your hot glue gun on delicate materials like fabric and foam board it is best to use low-temperature glue sticks so as not to ruin the items in question.


One more thing that you should consider when you are in the market looking to buy hot glue sticks is its strength. The stronger the adhesive, it will hold much better than the weaker ones. If there is high heat involved with your work area then this point becomes even more important because temperatures can affect the quality of using any type of adhesives or glues.

Generally, the hot glue sticks come with a ranking system that goes from low to high strength. The lower numbers are typically for crafts and lightweight projects while the higher numbers are made for heavier-duty tasks. So depending on what you will be using it for, make sure you get the right stick that has enough adhesive power to hold your material together.

The chart below is a general guideline of how different strengths rank:

  • Low Strength – these sticks range in ranking from 0-20 and they are not meant for any heavy-duty use. They can easily be broken if too much pressure is applied and they don’t usually work well with high heat. These types of glue sticks would be good for things such as crafts, scrapbooking, and lightweight paper projects.
  • Medium Strength – these sticks range in ranking from 20-50 and they are good for most lighter-duty household repair or craft projects where you need a little bit more oomph than the lower strength ones can give. These types of adhesives work well with high heat but it’s not ideal to use them on surfaces that get exposed to extreme conditions often such as outdoor signs or anything used in an area near a fireplace or ovens.
  • High Strength – this is the highest level of adhesive power that hot glue sticks come with and they rank anywhere from 50 up to 90+. The higher number means stronger hold so if you have something tough like wood then go ahead and pick up one that’s in this range. They work well with high heat and won’t melt if exposed to them for too long.


The next consideration when purchasing hot glue sticks is the price. You don’t want to break the bank, but you also don’t want to skimp on quality.

Generally, the more expensive sticks tend to have a higher quality and will perform better. However, there are some affordable options available that will work just as well as the more expensive ones.

There are a variety of prices for hot glue sticks, depending on the brand and quantity. Generally, though, you can expect to spend between $0.50 and $15 per stick.

If you plan to do a lot of crafting or need high-quality sticks for professional use, it may be worth investing in a higher-priced option. However, if you only need them occasionally or for smaller projects, cheaper options will work just fine.

Just make sure that whatever price point you choose falls within your budget!


The last thing you want is a glue stick that doesn’t work. When looking for the best hot glue sticks, it’s important to consider the brand. Some of the most popular brands include Gorilla, Loctite, Surebonder, and Aleene’s.

Each brand has its own unique features, so it’s important to do your research and find the best glue stick for your needs. For example, Gorilla glue sticks are known for their high-quality construction and Surebonder glue sticks are ideal for crafts and home repairs. Make sure to do your research before purchasing a glue stick to ensure you’re getting the best one for your needs.

A brand that you might not have heard of before is J-B Weld. J-B Weld glue sticks are made from a special formula that allows them to bond with almost any material. They’re perfect for repairing the metal, plastic, and other materials.


Are gorilla hot glue sticks better?

It really depends on your needs and the project you’re working on. If it’s a large, heavy-duty job that will see some wear and tear then gorilla glue sticks are likely to be better suited for this because of their thicker formula which means they may not drip as much when melted or dry faster.

What glue is stronger than hot glue?

There are a few different types of glue that are stronger than hot glue. Some include epoxy, silicone adhesive, and cyanoacrylate (CA) or “superglue”.

Is hot glue better than regular glue?

This really will depend on the project you’re working with and how heavy duty it is. Most of the time hot glue can be a great alternative to regular or even craft glue, however, there are some occasions where a stronger adhesive may be better suited for your needs.

Why does my hot glue not stick?

There are a few reasons why your hot glue may not be sticking. The most common reason is that the surface you’re trying to attach it to is not clean or dry. Make sure to wipe down any surfaces with alcohol or cleaner before gluing and make sure that whatever you’re attaching the glue to is completely dry first.

Video Tutorial: How To Use A Hot Glue Gun

Final Thoughts

Overall, hot glues sticks are a great option for your adhesive needs. They’re versatile and easy to use which means that they can be used by both adults as well as children who want to help out with crafts or school projects.

They also have low viscosity allowing you better control over where this type of glue goes thus making it perfect not just for regular household usage but also if you need an adhesive in the workplace such as those working with woodworking equipment because these will keep everything intact without ruining the items being worked on unlike other types of adhesives especially if exposed under high temperatures.

There’s no need to worry about them drying up easily either regardless of how long you’ve been using them because even after years they’ll still be just as effective. They are also safe to use around children and pets so if you have kids in the house or a dog this is definitely something that you want to consider getting for your home.

We hope that this buying guide and review of the best hot glue sticks have been helpful to you. As always, if you have any questions or comments feel free to let us know in the section below!