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A Complete Guide to Hot Glue Gun Stick Sizes

A Complete Guide to Hot Glue Gun Stick Sizes

Are you a crafter, maker, or upcycle looking for the perfect adhesive? Hot melt glue guns are an essential tool in any craft arsenal: they’re incredibly versatile and easy to use! But with so many glue gun sizes available on the market today, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for your project. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll help you make sense of diverse hot glue stick options – from learning the basics using our helpful equation breakdowns to discovering how different types of sticks affect your crafting projects. Read on to get started!

Glue gun

A hot melt glue gun, is a straightforward yet potent tool extensively utilized in arts and crafts, DIY tasks, and a variety of household tasks. The functioning of the glue gun involves the heating of a cylindrical glue stick, causing it to melt and subsequently be ejected through the nozzle when pressure is applied to the trigger. With its quick bonding abilities, the glue gun is highly versatile, allowing for smooth operation on a variety of materials, including plastic, textile,metal, wood, even ceramics, and others. The glue hardens swiftly upon cooling, forming a firm connection between the surfaces being adhered to.

Glue gun

How does a hot melt glue gun work?

Glue guns operate on a fairly simple principle. Inside there is a melting element responsible for warming the glue stick placed into the back of the gun. As the stick advances toward the heating element, it melts into a liquid form. This molten glue is then squeezed out through a nozzle at the front of the gun by pressing the trigger. As the glue leaves the heated nozzle, it starts to cool down rapidly, returning to its solid state and creating a bond between the surfaces it joins. This adhesion process is quick, typically taking just a few seconds to a minute, granting the user the ability to join objects together rapidly.

The strength and durability of the bond depend on the quality of the glue stick used and the type of material being bonded. Different glue gun sizes and wattages handle different glue stick diameters and types, which affects the melting rate and flow of the glue, enabling more precise control for different project scopes and material requirements.

Selecting The Right Glue Gun and Stick by Size

Before you dive into the world of hot glue guns, it’s important to thoroughly understand the scope and requirements of your project. Different projects and materials require diverse sizes and types of glue sticks, and consequently, various types of guns.

For delicate, detailed work on materials like paper, textile or thin plastics, a small, low-wattage glue gun with thin glue sticks might be your best option. [1] However, for more robust projects involving heavier, denser materials such as wood, metal, or thick plastics, a larger, high-wattage glue gun with thicker glue sticks may be needed.

Selecting The Right Glue Gun


5/16″ mini hot glue guns are perfect for precision work with delicate materials and fine crafts. These compact guns accommodate a 5/16″ diameter glue stick, which provides a smaller bead of glue suitable for intricate projects. These types commonly operate at lower temperatures, providing enough heat to melt the glue without posing a risk to sensitive materials such as thin paper, delicate fabrics, or craft foam.

While these guns may not provide the strength needed for heavy-duty applications, they’re an ideal choice for scrapbooking, floral arrangements, jewelry making, model building, and other detailed craft work. Remember, the glue used in these mini guns cools quickly, so it’s important to work swiftly when using this tool. With practice, you’ll find this kind of the gun an indispensable partner in your crafting journey.

1/2″ or 12mm

The most typically used size of hot glue sticks is the 1/2″ or 12mm variant, periodically also known as 7/16″.These sticks are highly versatile and well-suited for a diverse range of applications. [2] These sticks are compatible with medium to large guns, which are often used for more substantial, heavy-duty crafting and DIY. With their larger diameter, these glue sticks offer a more significant flow of adhesive, making them ideal for various applications, such as wood, ceramics, metal, and thick fabrics. While these larger glue sticks are not as suitable for intricate, detailed work, their increased bonding strength makes them the adhesive of choice for larger, more robust projects.
Furthermore, the larger size of these glue sticks also means that they last longer before needing to be replaced, making them a more efficient choice for projects that require a large amount of glue. The high-wattage guns that use these sticks typically have adjustable temperature settings, allowing you to control the flow and melt rate of the glue, which can be particularly useful when working with different materials.

​5/8″ (15MM)

5/8″ or 15mm glue guns are generally designed to cater to industrial-grade applications, offering immense bonding strength and versatility. They are equipped to handle larger, thicker glue sticks, which in turn yield a hefty flow of adhesive suitable for bonding heavy-duty materials such as thick wood, metal, and ceramics. [3] These glue guns are appreciated for their unparalleled capacity to maintain a constant, high temperature, ensuring that the glue remains fluid and workable for extended periods. Their robust design is ideal for large-scale projects and commercial applications, such as furniture assembly, carpet installation, or packaging production, where high bonding strength and durability are paramount.

These guns often feature adjustable settings for temperature and glue flow, offering professionals the ability to fine-tune their adhesive application for optimal results. With larger glue reservoirs accommodating longer glue sticks, these guns also reduce the frequency of stick replacement, maximizing productivity for large-scale operations. While their formidable size and power may make them less suited to delicate, intricate projects, the 5/8″ glue guns are an indispensable tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts tackling substantial projects, providing a strong, long-lasting bond that stands the test of time.



3/4″ glue sticks are typically seen as the giants of the glue stick world, ideal for heavy-duty, industrial applications where maximum adhesive strength and volume are necessary. These glue sticks are compatible with larger hot glue guns designed to handle their substantial size and provide a hefty, consistent flow of adhesive. This is particularly beneficial when working with large materials or executing extensive projects where a significant amount of glue is required. For instance, in industries such as furniture manufacturing, home construction, or packaging, these glue sticks are valued for their impressive bonding strength and longevity. They are capable of adhering to a wide range of materials including wood, metal, ceramics, and plastics, providing fast, reliable results.

The larger size of these glue sticks means they last longer before needing to be replaced, increasing operational efficiency and productivity. The high-wattage glue guns that accommodate these sticks often include adjustable temperature and flow settings, giving users greater control over the adhesive application process. However, due to the high temperature and considerable volume of adhesive delivered, these glue guns require a longer cooling period. Therefore, appropriate safety measures should always be observed when using this tool.

1″ x 3″

1″ x 3″ glue sticks are the ultimate adhesive tool for substantial, industrial-grade projects requiring a high volume of adhesive and superior bonding strength. These behemoths of the glue stick world are ideal for ambitious ventures, such as large-scale construction, heavy-duty furniture assembly, or extensive packaging tasks. Their compatibility with high-wattage hot glue guns ensures a smooth and voluminous flow of adhesive, capable of creating strong bonds with a wide array of materials, including wood, metals, ceramics, and various plastics. Their substantial length and diameter significantly reduce the frequency of stick replacement, making them a highly efficient choice for tasks necessitating extensive adhesive use.

However, it is crucial to remember that these larger glue sticks require a more extended cooling period due to the high temperatures and the considerable volume of adhesive dispensed. Despite their unsuitability for intricate, detailed crafting work, these 1″ x 3″ glue sticks are an invaluable asset for any large-scale, robust projects where durability and a strong bond are paramount.

1" x 3"

​1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ or 43mm

These glue sticks reign supreme in the adhesive world for colossal, heavy-duty projects where superior bonding strength and an impressive volume of adhesive are non-negotiable. These giant glue sticks are optimally suited for intensive industrial applications, such as large-scale construction projects, heavy furniture assembly, or exhaustive packaging tasks, that demand high volumes of adhesive.These glue sticks are suitable for high-wattage hot glue guns, which provide a strong and consistent flow of adhesive. They are capable of creating durable bonds with a wide range of materials, including wood, metals, ceramics, and various types of plastics.

The substantial size of these glue sticks results in reduced stick replacement frequency, contributing to enhanced efficiency for tasks that require significant adhesive application. The glue guns designed to handle these sticks often incorporate adjustable temperature and flow controls, enabling precise calibration to cater to the unique demands of diverse projects and materials.

Why size matters?

When it comes to adhesive application, the size of the glue stick matters significantly. It directly impacts the volume of adhesive dispensed, the strength of the bond formed, the frequency of stick replacement, and the type of materials it can efficiently adhere. Smaller glue sticks, employed for delicate craftwork, deliver a precise amount of adhesive ideal for detailed tasks. They may lack the bonding strength required for more robust, heavy-duty projects. Conversely, larger glue sticks, compatible with high-wattage hot glue guns, provide a substantial volume of adhesive and form exceptionally strong bonds, making them ideal for industrial applications.

However, their use necessitates longer cooling periods and strict adherence to safety measures due to the high temperatures involved. Furthermore, the larger the size of the glue stick, the less frequently it needs to be replaced, contributing to operational efficiency, especially in tasks that require extensive adhesive use. Thus, the appropriate size selection of glue sticks, based on the nature of the project and the material involved, can greatly enhance the quality of the finished product and the overall efficiency of the task.

How do I know which size to use?

Choosing the appropriate size of a hot melt glue gun is crucial to the success and efficiency of your project. A primary consideration is the type and scale of the project you’re undertaking. For intricate, detailed work, such as crafting or small home repairs, a mini hot glue gun that uses smaller glue sticks is typically sufficient. Such glue guns allow for the precise application of adhesive, minimizing waste and reducing the risk of unwanted drips or blobs of glue.

On the other hand, for larger, heavy-duty projects that require a substantial volume of adhesive and strong bonds (e.g. furniture assembly, large-scale construction tasks, or packaging), a full-size or industrial hot glue gun that uses larger glue sticks would be more appropriate. These guns deliver a high volume of adhesive and form robust bonds with a variety of materials.

Another factor to consider is the material you’ll be working with. Some materials may require a specific type of glue stick and, consequently, a corresponding gun. Lastly, always remember to follow safety guidelines when using glue guns, particularly those that use larger glue sticks and operate at high temperatures. These tools can cause burns if not handled properly and require a longer cooling period after use.

How do I know which size to use?

What Else to Consider When Choosing a Glue Gun

Beyond the size of the glue gun and the type of projects you’ll be undertaking, there are other factors to take into the consideration when selecting a glue gun. Notably, the glue gun’s wattage plays a pivotal role in determining how quickly it heats up and how consistently it can dispense the glue. [4] A higher-wattage gun can maintain a steady flow of hot glue, ideal for larger projects. However, for smaller projects, a low-wattage gun suffices and offers the benefit of cooling down more quickly.

Additionally, some guns offer adjustable temperature settings. This feature allows low-wattage to tailor the heat level to the specific type of glue stick and material you’re working with, increasing the versatility of the tool.

Consider also the design and ergonomics of the glue gun. A comfortable grip can reduce hand fatigue during prolonged use, and a stand helps keep the gun stable when not in use. Lastly, consider the availability and cost of the glue stick the gun uses. Ensure that you can easily source the right size and type of glue sticks for your chosen glue gun.

Types of Hot Glue Sticks

  • Hot Glue Basics

Hot glue, is a type of heat-softenable adhesive that comes in stick form and is intended to be melted employing a hot glue gun. The gun employs a constant warming component to dissolve the plastic glue, which may then be pushed through the gun by a automatic trigger instrument, onto the surface to be bonded. The glue solidifies as it cools, creating a strong, durable bond that works well with a wide variety of materials. Hot glue is preferred for its rapid drying time, adaptability, and robustness, making it an essential tool in crafting, home repairs, and industrial applications.

  • High-Temp vs. Low-Temp Glue Sticks

Such types of sticks are specifically invented to employ with high-temperature and low-temperature glue guns, respectively. High-temp sticks are suitable for use on materials that require a stronger bond or that can withstand higher temperatures without damage, such as metals, plastics, ceramics, and more. They deliver a stronger bond and are thus suited for heavy-duty projects.

On the other hand, low-temp sticks are better for delicate materials such as fabric, floral, or other crafting materials, which might get damaged by high temperatures. However, the bond they create is not as strong as that of high-temp sticks. It is important to match the kind of glue stick with the correct type of glue gun and the material being bonded to ensure optimal performance and prevent possible damage.

  • Novelty Glue Sticks

Novelty glue sticks, as the name suggests, offer a fun spin on traditional sticks. Available in a range of vibrant colors and glitter-infused varieties, these glue sticks add a touch of creativity and charm to crafting projects. They’re particularly popular in scrapbooking, decor crafting, and DIY projects where aesthetics play a significant role. It’s worth noting that while novelty glue sticks provide a decorative touch, they may not offer the same level of bonding strength as conventional glue sticks. Therefore, they’re best used for ornamental purposes rather than structural applications.

  • Specialty Glue Sticks

Specialty glue sticks are designed for specific applications and materials, providing enhanced performance characteristics compared to regular glue sticks. For instance, some specialty glue sticks are designed to create exceptionally strong bonds suitable for woodworking or metal bonding. [5] Others may be formulated to provide superior adhesion on difficult-to-bond surfaces such as glass or certain plastics. There are also specialty glue sticks that are resistant to heat, cold, or moisture, making them ideal for use in harsh or variable conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common hot glue stick size?

The most common hot glue stick size typically measures 1/2 inch in diameter, although there is also a smaller size, often 5/16 inch in diameter, which is used for mini glue guns. The length of the glue stick can vary but often ranges from 4 to 10 inches. It’s essential to match the size of the glue stick to the size of the glue gun for optimal performance and safety.

What are full-size hot glue sticks?

Full-size hot glue sticks refer to the larger options in the market, typically measuring 1/2 inch in diameter. They are designed for use in full-size hot glue guns. The length of full-size glue sticks can vary, with common lengths ranging from 10 to 15 inches. These glue sticks are ideal for larger, more heavy-duty projects as they provide a longer working time and can deliver a stronger, more durable bond. It’s crucial to use them with the appropriate full-size glue gun to ensure proper performance and safety.

What are full-size hot glue sticks?

Can you put the wrong size glue stick in a glue gun?

While it may technically be possible to insert a wrong-size glue stick into a glue gun, it is not advisable to do so. Using an incorrect size can lead to a variety of issues, including the inconsistent flow of the glue, jamming of the glue gun, and potential damage to the heating element. Furthermore, using a glue stick that is too small for the gun could result in the glue not being heated properly, leading to poor adhesion and potentially messy results. Conversely, a glue stick that is too large may not fit into the gun at all.

What is the difference between a mini and full-size glue gun?

A mini glue gun and a full-size glue gun differ primarily in terms of size, power, and the type of projects they are best suited for. A mini glue gun is smaller, typically uses a 5/16-inch diameter glue stick, and operates at a lower temperature. It’s ideal for delicate, small-scale, detailed work such as crafting, decorating, and light home repairs. A full-size glue gun, on the other hand, is larger, uses a 1/2-inch diameter glue stick, and generally operates at a higher temperature. It’s capable of delivering a stronger, more durable bond and is typically used for larger, heavy-duty projects that require a strong bond.

Is it worth it to buy a glue gun?

Purchasing a glue gun can indeed be a worthwhile investment, especially for those involved in regular crafting, DIY projects, or minor home repairs. Glue guns provide a quick, easy, and efficient way to bond a wide range of materials, offering a level of versatility that traditional adhesives often cannot match. High-quality glue guns are generally affordable, easy to use, and capable of lasting for many years with proper care. They’re available in various sizes and types to cater to different applications and preferences.

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Ultimately, glue guns are an invaluable tool for crafts, DIY projects, and minor home repairs, providing a strong bond on a wide range of materials. The type and size of the glue stick used can significantly impact the adhesive’s performance, making it essential to choose the correct one for your specific application. Whether you’re working on a delicate craft project using novelty glue sticks or a heavy-duty task requiring specialty glue sticks, the right choice can enhance your work’s efficacy and durability. Remember, the key to a successful job lies in matching the glue stick with the appropriate glue gun and the material being bonded.


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